Friday, June 3, 2011

My "Cheesy" Influence

     During a class break yesterday, one of my students handed me an envelope and candy bar.  He smiled and said, "Sorry if it's a little cheesy - my sister helped me with the words."  I smiled and told him I would love it.
     I didn't get a chance to read his note until last night when the last day of school chaos was over.  As I started to cry, I wished I had been able to read it right then so he could see how much his words affected me.  This is his letter - with spelling and grammar intact from his original.  His "cheesy" words say it better than I ever could.   

Dear Mrs. Cooke,
     I have loved being in your class so much.  It has been such a great school year being in your class.  I have been so influenced on how nice you have been.  You have been such a great influence on what I have thought about what I want to do with my life.  After hearing your decision on almost quiting teaching.  I am really glad you did not quite teaching.  I have loved seeing, & hearing you teach.  After this year I have been wanting to go into education.  Thank's for being such a great teacher.  Sorry if this was a little cheesy.  

     We make a difference like this every day.  We just don't always get to hear it.  Today I want to celebrate teachers for the difference they make to kids every day.    

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  1. That is MOST precious, indeed. And SO deserving! I know that are 100s of cheesy Ms. Tiffany fans all over the place, and I am one of those! Hugs!