Saturday, January 29, 2011

Share the Love: Books for Babies

     Renae Salisbury and Tami Ewell believe the love of reading begins at birth.  Their service project "Board Books for Babies" is in its second year.       
     Each baby gift includes a new board book and information on the benefits of reading to children.  Gifts are wrapped in cellophane and ribbons before being delivered to babies at Riverton Hospital. 
     Teachers across Canyons and Jordan School District have taken up the call and gathered 94 board books this year.  The teachers hope their gifts will give the babies a head start on reading when they start school. 
     A board book is printed on durable vinyl or cardboard so babies can chew on it without worry of swallowing bits of paper.  If you are interested in donating new books or money to purchase books, please contact or .   Share the love of reading with a new baby.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Taking Care of Frog Kissers

     It is really hard to be a frog.  Frogs are concerned about their warts and croaks and webbed feet.  Being a frog is so hard, all their attention turns inward.  They don't mean to be hurtful or unappreciative or moody; they are just in survival mode. 
     It is also really hard to be a frog kisser.  Frog kissers look past the warts and croaks and webbed feet.  They even get past the swampy smells that come with those funny frogs.  The hard part is loving the frogs even in their most unlovable moments, day after day after day.  The frogs mean well, but they don't always know how to show their appreciation - "Hey, today's lesson didn't suck too bad."  A frog kisser will smile and translate their croaks into princely speeches, even if it is through tears.
     Taking care of others well wears you down.  After you spend every ounce of energy caring for your frogs, you forget that you need to find a hidden reserve of love and care for the other frog kissers around you.  Sometimes frog kissers need to be loved in their most unlovable moments, too.  
     If you hear a frog kisser croaking, translate the croaks.  Usually you will hear, "I am so tired...I feel like I'm not making a difference...I don't feel appreciated by my frogs...I need a hug...or chocolate!!!"  Try to assume the positive - after all, they are frog kissers. 
     Croaking frogs don't listen very well, so when you see a momentarily defeated frog kisser, smile, nod and listen.  There is nothing better for the frogs than taking care of their frog kissers.