Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kissing My Frogs

One of my favorite poems is by an anonymous writer who must have loved kids as much as I do.  It is called "Frog Kissing."  I fell in love with this poem the moment I read it.  It reminded me of my students and I instantly became a frog kisser.  This blog holds all of my stories, lessons, laughs, and tears with my frogs.  If you are a fellow frog kisser, you are welcome here.

Frog Kissing

Ever feel like a frog?  Frogs feel slow, low, ugly, puffy, drooped, pooped.

The frog feeling comes when you want to be bright but feel dumb, when you want to share but are selfish, when you want to be thankful but feel resentment, when you want to be great but are small, when you want to care but are indifferent.

Once upon a time there was a frog.  But he wasn’t really a frog.  He was a prince who looked and felt like a frog.  A wicked witch had cast a spell on him.  Only the kiss of a beautiful maiden could save him.  But since when do cute chicks kiss frogs?  So there he sat, unkissed prince in frog form.  But miracles happen.  One day a beautiful maiden grabbed him up, and gave him a big smack.  Crash!  Boom!  Zap!  There he sat, a handsome prince.  And you know the rest.  They lived happily ever after.

So, what is the task of schools?

To kiss frogs, of course!


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