Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quack Attack

     Today was our first annual Quack Attack.  Students who completed 30 hours of service since January chose a rubber ducky of their choice.  Every extra ten hours of service earned another ducky.  They giggled as they dove into the bag of duckies, looking for the right personalities for their duckies.
The manly men among us chose construction workers, cowboys, and army ducks.  The ladies chose beach duckies, princess duckies, and ones covered with flowers.  They wrote their names carefully with Sharpies so they wouldn't get lost in the attack.
After eating cookies so we'd have energy for the attack, we headed off to the gym.
Two of our guys held the water balloon launcher handles while we carefully took turns tucking our duckies into the holder, 
pulled back,
and sent duckies sailing across the gym.
It was an awesome sight. 
 The winners won a stuffed duck from Kohl's Care for Kids Foundation so we could continue to serve others.  They also got a large candy bar.
 You've never seen such big smiles!   Teenagers love to give service to others.  I love to serve them.

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